Open Office 365 Account and Sign up for the E Plan Trial

  1. Open the Office 365 Trail Webpage
  2. Click on the “FREE TRIAL” under the Midsize businesses and enterprises

  1. Complete the online form and click ‘Check availability’ on the domain name.

*NOTE* this domain should, but doesn’t have to, match your current SMTP domain. It’s recommended that you try and match the domain for clarity and ease of administration

  1. Once the domain is verified enter the rest of the information requested and click ‘I accept and continue’



  2. Your account will be provisioned and then then you will be prompted to login at the Microsoft Online Portal home page


  3. In step 4 the process had you enter an ID which was created and has Global Administrator rights over your Office 365 Account. Enter the complete username and password and click ‘Sign in’
    1. User Name –
    2. Password – ********


  4. The Microsoft Online Portal Admin page is loaded


  5. It’s as easy as that to setup an account on Office 365. Keep in mind that this is still a fully functional trail account for 30 days.
  6. In the next post I will show you how to Add and Verify your external domain name.


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