Add a Disclaimer to all Outgoing Email

Email disclaimers are statements that are added to email. The statements are usually drafted by the company’s legal department (or from legal counsel). It doesn’t always have to be used for this purpose; some companies use this for marketing as well.

Generally there are reasons why companies will add disclaimers to emails: Marketing, Legal liability and protection and regulatory compliance.

If you wish to read more on disclaimers, follow this link –

Office 365 (Exchange Online) takes the process of appending disclaimers away from the end user and will do it automatically to all or some of the company’s emails (depending on rules). This is done with Exchange Transport rules through the Exchange Control Panel.

Creating a Basic Transport Rule

One thing to note is that Transport rules are only available to Enterprise subscribers (E Plans)


  2. Click Manage under Exchange


  3. Click Mail Control


  4. Select Rules


  5. Click New…


  6. Under the *If… drop down menu, select [Apply to all messages]


  7. Under the * Do the following… drop down menu, select Append a disclaimer to the message…


  8. Click * Enter text… and fall back action


  9. Enter your disclaimer
    1. I always leave a few spaces so that the disclaimer isn’t right after my last text in the email.

  10. Click OK


  11. Click *Select One… if the text can’t be applied


  12. Select the fall back option, depending on your organizational needs


  13. Click OK


  14. Click Save


  15. Click Yes to apply the rule to all future messages


  16. When sending an email you will notice that the rule is not applied yet. It will not be applied until you send the email and the HUB Transport server processes the email


  17. The recipient will get the email with the Email Disclaimer attached.


It’s that easy

If you want to get more complex with the options, follow this link. It details all the advanced options for Email Disclaimers.


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