Adding a Domain to Office 365 that is Registered with GoDaddy

Adding a domain to Office 365 is really easy. To make the process even more wasy, the web page walk you through it. For this post, I am addding a domain to Office 365 that is managed at GoDaddy


Open the Microsoft Online Portal

Click Domains

Click + Add Domain


The add a domain in Office 365 Window will popup.

Click Let’s get started to allow the webpage to discover your domain registrar


Enter the domain you want added to Office 365

Click Next


Domain ownership needs to be verified. In this case, it was discovered that the domain is registered at GoDaddy.

If you want the web page to do all the steps, sign in with your GoDaddy account

If you want to verify the domain manually, then click ‘use a TXT record to verify you own this domain’


Sign in to your GoDaddy account


To confirm Office 365 access to your domain at GoDaddy, click Accept


The domain is verified

Click Next


At this point, you have the option to convert all the UPNs on the users to

You can skip this if you wish, see below.


Click Update selected users to update the users, or click skip this step if you wish not to update the UPN


The next step in the process allows you to add more users, or you can skip the step.


Update DNS records. Be really careful here. If you have a production domain and you are using it for production email or other services, then changing DNS can cause some havoc if you are not ready to flip the services to Office 365. In my case, this is a test domain and I have no production users on it.

Click Next


Click Next

Keep in mind that I want the web page to change my DNS records, so I am leaving the Outlook and Lync checked.


Here is a screen shot of my DNS records before the webpage makes it’s changes to DNS


Here is a screen shot of the DNS records that the web page added, to enable services on Office 365



Done, the domain is added and now active for Office 365 use.

Click Finish


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