Adding Custom Web Parts to SharePoint Online

This task is one that had me frustrated for a number of nights. Being around SharePoint for the last few years, I am fairly accustom to adding Web Parts (custom and out of the box). Personally, I am running Office 365 on the P plan and I wanted to add a Twitter feed to my blog. This didn’t seem like a hard task at the time, but I ran into one big problem.

Enterprise Plans


  1. Open the Site Actions drop down menu


  2. Click Site Settings


  3. Click Solutions (Under Galleries)


  4. Click Solutions Menu


  5. Click Upload Solution


  6. Enterprise Plans you will notice that you have the link for Solutions


Personal and Small Business Plans

The Problem with P plan users is that there is no Solutions link under Galleries

  1. In order to upload a custom web part to a P plan Office 365 SharePoint Online account, you must browse to the Solution Gallery.
    1. Open IE and browse to the top level of the SharePoint site
    2. Append /_catalogs/solutions/forms/allitems.aspx to the site address (


  2. Providing that you are logged in with the correct account and have permissions, this will take you to the solution gallery, where you can upload and activate custom web parts for site


  3. Click Solutions Menu


  4. Click Upload Solution


  5. Browse to your custom .wsp file and click OK


  6. After the web part has been uploaded, you can activate it; select the web part and click Activate


  7. Now that the custom web part is uploaded and activated in the Solution Gallery, you can edit the site page that you want to add it to and then add it as per a normal web part.


For my site, I have added this web part for the Twitter feeds on the right side of my page.

Twitter Widget Web Part – Office365/SharePoint Online sandboxed Solution


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