Creating Cloud Users for the NEW Office 365

The next step after signing up and configuring your domain, for Office 365, is to start adding some users. Keep in mind that this is for a new install with no user migration. If you are migrating from Exchange 2003, 2007 or 2010, then please skip to those posts as they will create users as part of the migration process.


  1. Open Internet Explorer



  3. Click Users and Groups


    This will take you to the user administration page. Here you will be able to add, delete, restore and view all cloud users and groups for Office 365


  4. Click the + (add) button


  5. Fill out the basic details for the user


    If you have multiple domains added to your Office 365 account, then you can use the drop down and change the domain to the one you want to use.


  6. Click Additional details and complete as needed or wanted


  7. Click Next


  8. Assign an Administrator role to the new user, if required
    1. Review the roles here


  9. Choose a location for the user, required


  10. Click Next


  11. Assign a license to the user


  12. Click Next


  13. Chose an administrator to receive the setup email, if not required uncheck.


  14. Click create


    Office 365 will create the user account and kick of the provisioning process for the Exchange and Lync accounts. You will also be given a temporary password for the user account. You will be asked to change this password on first login with that account.

  15. Click Finish


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