Enable Anonymous Access to an Office 365 SharePoint Online BLOG

One of the questions that I get email about, is how I am using SharePoint Online public site to host my BLOG. Out of the box Office 365 P plans have a public site. Since this is hosted on SharePoint online, you can add various components; one of them being a BLOG. The problem is that by default you have to be authenticated in order to view and post on this BLOG. Not such a good idea, because I don’t want to license every user that I want to view my BLOG.

Luckily for me (and you), there are some smart SharePoint developers out there that have solved the issue.

Download this custom SharePoint web part

Please follow my own instructions on how to upload and activate this custom web part to Office 365 SharePoint Online 

  1. Browse to the top level of your BLOG site


  2. Click Site Settings


  3. Click Edit Page


  4. Click Add a Web Part

  5. Select the custom web part ‘SetAnonymousBlogPermissions’ under Hatch Solutions


  6. Click Add

  7. Once the web part is added, click ‘Sort out my Blog Permissions’

  8. At this point your BLOG lists, comments and links are viewable without logging into SharePoint Online.


  9. Close the web part

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