Office 365 Service Health Dashboard

I am surprised on the amount of email that I get asking if there are problems with Office 365 services. I don’t work for Microsoft, so I only have access to the same information that everyone else has. Most people that I reply to; “Have you checked Service Health”, don’t know what I am talking about.

On the main admin page, click ‘Service Health’ in the Support menu.

Actual Comments:

“I can’t use SSO, is it up and running?”

“Some of my users can’t use OWA, but Outlook still works; do you know if Microsoft is having issues?”

“I can’t sign into Lync this morning, can you check to see if it’s up and running?”


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2 thoughts on “Office 365 Service Health Dashboard

  1. Gerry Seidl

    How can I get this same information via the commands line so that I can parse the status results?


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