Problems Signing into Lync after you Change Account Names

I have answered a number of questions over the past few weeks about SIP addresses. Why is this important? It’s important because you will want to keep the SIP and SMTP addresses the same. This is done automatically with Office 365, but sometimes there are circumstances where these accounts will not be the same. Why do you want to keep them the same? The most obvious one is user confusion. It’s easier if they are the same so that the user only has to remember one address as the SIP address looks like a SMTP address. The other main reason is so that federated contacts are able to easily find and add you to Lync.



Sometimes you will get the following error message

“Cannot sign in to Lync. The user name, password, or domain appears to be incorrect. Ensure that you entered them correctly. If the problem continues, please contact your technical support team.”


The cause of this is generally because the account was changed after you activated it in Office 365.

When I first registered the service I created the user accounts using the domain Microsoft assigned us before ours was fully re-delegated and could be used (i.e. I later changed these accounts to our domain ( I tried signing in to Lync using both domains for these accounts but neither works.

The resolution is fairly easy. Go to the user account and remove the license for Lync only. Save the changes and give it a good amount of time to propagate through the Microsoft backend. After about 4 hours, apply the license again. This should trigger the change to the SIP address.

If this fails, then try the process again, this time giving it more time.

If this fails again, then open a Service request with Microsoft and have them manually change the SIP address for the account. Service requests can be opened from the Microsoft Online Portal site. 

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