Setting up ADFS Proxy Servers – Part 2

  1. Export Public Certificate with the private key from


  2. Import the Public Certificate on ADFS-PR01 and ADFS-PR02


  3. Bind the Public Certificate ( to the Default Website on port 443


  4. Click Start -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager


  5. Expand the server name


  6. Expand ‘Site’


  7. Select ‘Default Web Site’


  8. Click ‘Bindings…’


  9. Click ‘Add’


  10. Select https and then select the SSL certificate for the STS site. Click ‘OK’


Configure the ADFS Proxy Servers

  1. Click Start


  2. Click AD FS 2.0 Federation Server Proxy Configuration Wizard


  3. Click Next


  4. Federation Service Name – This should be prepopulated with based on the certificate that we just added.

    If it’s not, make sure that your certificate is correctly exported, imported and bound to https (443) on the default website


  5. Click ‘Test Connection’


  6. Click Next


  7. Enter the service account and password from the ADFS Server install. Click OK

    E.g. contoso\adfs_domain


  8. Click Next


  9. When you get all Green Checkmarks


  10. Close


Now that we have the ADFS Proxy Servers setup, we need to load balance the traffic to them. Use Setting up ADFS Servers – Part 4 as a guide to install Windows NLB on the servers and load balance the traffic to the Servers. Keep in mind that it’s key to make sure that the firewall is forwarding traffic from over port 443 to the Windows NLB Cluster IP.

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