Signing up for the Office 365 Trail

This may seem a bit obvious, but I have received a lot of questions lately on how to actually sign up for the trial of Office 365.

Let’s clarify a few things to start; there are two plans that you can trail. The E plans and the P plans. The E plans are for the Enterprise space and the P plans are for Professionals and Small Businesses.

The main differences between the two plans are actually what you can’t do in the P plans. With the P plans there is no Active Directory Federation and no Directory Synchronization. Given that fact, there are no hybrid deployments of Exchange, Lync and SharePoint. The P plan is purely cloud based, including DNS which is hosted by Microsoft for your zone.

With the P plans you can still use your own domain, as I am running a P plan now for; your DNS servers will have to be changed to Microsoft DNS servers. You can still add and remove DNS records as you need for your domain with the Office 365 admin portal.

Click HERE to go to the signup site for the Office 365 test drive.

Click HERE if you have more questions.

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