SMTP Relay with Office 365

Microsoft has a few options depending on how you want to use Office 365 to relay your email.

  1. Authenticate a device/application and send email using an Office 365 mailbox
  2. Send mail directly from an application/printer
  3. Office 365 SMTP relay service

Use this KB from Microsoft to configure an SMTP relay in Office 365.


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5 thoughts on “SMTP Relay with Office 365

  1. Crystal C

    Seems fairly clear, but in the help section of Microsoft 365 a lot of people are trying to configure SMTP for wordpress through several plug-ins. MS tech support folks are replying as if there is a solution.

    Instead are you saying that it is not possible to use a wordpress plug-in to set up SMTP so that emails can be sent from a 365 email account?

  2. Michael L

    I’d like to add for my comment above, this is for E1 and greater plans only (P1 plan does not allow it!!)

  3. Suresh

    I have environment in which many applications and devices sending emails to my organization and external users. How can i achieve this using O365 SMTP? I cant authenticate all the devices. So i cant use client submission I want to send email to external addresses. So i cant use direct send. I am left with SMTP relay. I am not sure i can just create a connector and just add my firewall Public IP address to receive emails on O365 and to send to external addresses.


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