User Level Calendar Publishing Office 365 (Exchange Online)

How many times have you received a meeting request, from someone outside your organization and it’s during a time where you are already booked. Then you play the back and forth game trying to find a time. Did you know that Office 365 allows you to publish your calendar so that external users can view it? The setting is contained in OWA (Outlook Web App), but you can link to it from Outlook

Open this link OWA Calendar Publishing or click below through Outlook

Open Outlook

Click on your Calendar

Click Publish Online

Click Publish this calendar

  • If you already have it published online and don’t know it, or just want to make changes; click Configure this published calendar…

Once you click above, you are redirected to OWA Calendar Publishing

Calendar Publishing

Select your calendar

  • If you have multiple calendars setup, chose which one you want to publish. Your default calendar should be selected

Select the permission level. I generally only publish my calendar with ‘Availability Only’

  • Not Shared (Default)
  • Availability Only (Shows all your meetings in blocks, no details are given)
  • Limited Details (Shows all your meetings, with the subject of the meetings)
  • Full Details (Shows all your meetings in full detail)

Click Save

You will be provided with two links. I generally share the HTML view in a signature so that others can click and see when I am free.

HTML to view your calendar

ICS to add your calendar to Outlook

Here is a view of the HTML version with ‘Availability Only’ selected

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